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How Should My Tights Fit

We want a firm but not "stretched' look.

If a fabric has a sheen like look to it on the body it may be worth trying the next size up to get that matte look. 

We want a nice snug fit in the waist band -  This will make sure that our tights don't drop down when moving about.

The Perky Peche range will hold its shape over the washes and wears given we pick the correct size.

The female body naturally comes in SO MANY different shapes and sizes and then we throw in some muscle building goals and it has all of a sudden changed again.

There's no secret that we can be one size in the waist and a whole different size in the booty so our suggestion is to find a median so you get an overall good fit.


Different fabrics and different colours can be firmer or more relaxed then the next so have a look at the item you love and see the size options below.
Pick your true size and we’ll do the the work on the other end to match the style and fit to your size.

Don’t be alarmed if you for example are a size 10 so you order two pairs of size 10s and one tag says S and the other a M, it just means that one of them are a smaller make then the other. We will send you the correct fit for a standard size 10 💕 


Happy wearing team PERKY xx


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